August 11, 2016

Media relations and purchasing

Focus Media Partners understands that business owners are bombarded daily by media advertising sales representatives, each claiming to be the best option. Often this leaves the business owner guessing, resulting in hasty marketing decisions. Focus Media acts as a filter between the business owner and the many advertising sales representatives. By putting our un-biased, expert set of eyes and ears to their proposals, we take the media sales pitch and guesswork out of the process and replace it using a consultative method. This approach helps the business owner make more sensible and cost-effective decisions. Strategic media buying plus creative energy equals positive results.


Television advertising is the most persuasive of all media by combining sight, sound, motion, and color. Television allows the advertiser to target specific demographics. Television offers incredible reach by communicating to a large audience. People spend more time with television than any other medium, reaching 90% of adults 18+, every day and over 80% of every age, income, and education.


Radio remains a strong advertising medium with the ability to reach potential customers in their cars, work, or home. Radio connects with local audiences through local news, events, and on-air personalities, allowing advertisers to target specific demographics. Example, men=sports programming. Radio advertising can be persuasive with effective use of spoken words, music, and sound effects.

Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising such as billboards and bus shelters, offer the advertiser consistent exposure seven days a week, 365 days a year. Most people drive the same routes to work, school, shopping, or recreation, meaning you can deliver your message with greater frequency. Since motorists can’t flip the channel or turn the page, outdoor advertising has the ability to get a “captive audience”.


Print ads have a long shelf life. Certain publications can stay in homes or offices for months at a time. A single ad may promote a product or service for months before someone throws it in the trash. Print offers credibility by consistently delivering quality, reliable content with their readers. Advertisers can capitalize in this credibility by association with the publication. Potential customers make a conscious decision to engage the words and images on the page.