Effective, well defined, and hassle free marketing strategies to consistently grow your business


Focus Media takes the guesswork out of a complex process


Focus Media provides fresh thinking to the oldest problem known to marketing: how to make a meaningful connection with your potential customers.


We understand that business owners are bombarded daily by media advertising sales representatives, each claiming to be the best option. Often times this leaves the business owner guessing, resulting in hasty marketing decisions.


Focus Media helps manage your monthly advertising bills, confirming that the advertising that was purchased was delivered as ordered, saving you time and money.

Custom consulting, media buying, and creative services for television, radio, outdoor, print, and digital marketing
Attract new customers while maintaining your current base

Most business owners are too busy running their own business to devote the time and energy that is required to build a successful ad strategy. We take the guesswork out of a complex process.

Our mission is to understand your business from the ground up. We take the time to find out what makes your business tick, and develop ways to most effectively accomplish your sales goals and objectives. We accomplish this through creative, efficient, and competitive strategies that are unique to your company, thus producing maximum ROI. Focus Media believes in building long term relationships with our clients by forming a solid partnership between our agency and your company. We become part of your team.

Serving Chico, California, and the north state area with over two decades of media sales experience and a strong track record in the industry, Focus Media works with clients who understand the importance that strategic marketing brings to their business.